83 Ways to Become a Better Person

83 Ways to Become a Better Person

You'll like some more than others but hey…variety is the spice of life and sometimes, trying something different, might surprise you. 

So have a go at as many of these as possible and let us know which ones work best for you! 

83 Ways to Become a Better Person

by Farnoosh from Prolific Living

Are you able to say that today you are a better person than yesterday every day of your life?

That’s all. Nothing grandiose. Nothing lofty or ambitious. Nothing to get all anxious about or make big plans for. Just a little better person than you were yesterday?

And it doesn’t matter where you start or how far you may be from where you want to end up. It doesn’t matter today if you are nothing like the person you want to eventually become. You can do something every single day to be a better person than yesterday and the sum of these small steps add up to unbelievably giant leaps, baby!

Here’s the simple magic formula:

1. Be a little better person today than yesterday.

2. Do this every day.

3. Check in with yourself at the end of the year.

You might find out that you have actually done something quite grandiose and lofty in hindsight. Small tiny things add up, just like the grocery bill adds up to a giant sum and baffles us every time, so will these small steps push you gently in the direction of your intended destination. And going gently in that right direction is far more appealing than going in a mad rush in a hundred wrong directions only to turn around and make up for lost time. So go gently.

Since we are all on the same journey, I put together 83 specific, smart and savvy ways we can become a better person one day at a time. I’ve done all of these but I keep refining me through massive repetition. Here goes:

Remember: pick just ONE every day and do it. Not 3. Not 10. Just One. But do it every day. Every single day. No holidays on this one, darlin’! Ready? Let’s go!

83 Ways to Become a Better Person

1. Be kind to a stranger and don’t just do it because it’s on this list.

2. Eat raw foods. Raw vegetables. Raw fruits. Raw nuts. Raw chocolate.

3. Make eye contact. With a smile.

4. Read a book. This one may reappear. I can’t help it if it’s so freaking important and so unbelievably ignored by masses.

5. Look up something on Wikipedia and learn about it.

6. Learn 3 words in a foreign language that you like.

7. Learn to count to 10 a foreign language you find impossible to learn.

8. Say no to the ones who abuse your time and mean it.

9. Do something that scares you but don’t be a fool when choosing what it is either.

10. Cook something delicious for someone you love. Don’t let them get used to the idea!

11. Visit the animal shelter and give the pups a cuddle even if you can’t bring them home.

12. Offer to help when it’s least expected.

13. Write a book. Then publish it. Get help with self-publish if you don’t know how. And please stop saying “I’m not a writer!”

14. Don’t say “I can’t” for 24 hours. 48 if you can help it.

15. Do yoga but don’t settle for a type of yoga you can’t stand. Yoga is like clothing. Find a yoga that fits who you are and you won’t want to take it off!

16. Read another book.

17. Help get a resistant member of your family or friends online. They are missing out.

18. Travel. It’s more accessible than ever before.

19. Don’t believe the hype. Set your own standards.

20. Say “I don’t know but I will find out!” instead of pretending to know.

21. Let go of friendships that have run their course.

22. Put firm boundaries in place with your mom. This doesn’t apply to those under 18!

23. Disappoint your parents if it means you will do something you love. Same condition as #22.

24. Ask for help, without shame, without apology, without fuss but also without entitlement.

25. Give that inner critique the cold shoulder and get back in charge of your self-esteem.

26. Don’t do it just because others are doing it. Such a lame excuse.

27. Break up with whoever mistreats you. And that really means whoever! No human being should stand for that.

28. Expect nothing for one day. Just do your best.

29. Say thank you for a hundred things daily. Thank you for the air, the water, the love of my husband, the music, the internet, the sky, the sun …

30. Tip a street musician. Actually, tip every single one you ever see for the rest of your life, even if the music is mediocre.

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