Switch OFF for happiness!

Switch OFF for happiness!

It's the weekend (well it is here in Australia, anyway, and it will be soon in other parts of the world if it isn't already!). And weekends should be time to spend with family and friends. So for happiness in the next 48 hours, read this then consider…pushing that power button and turning off so you can turn on for the people in your life about whom you care! 

from ibnlive 

The secret to being happy lies in turning off your mobile and concentrating on your friends and family rather than text messages and emails, a leading expert on happiness has claimed.

Professor Paul Dolan, of the London School of Economics, believes that the popularity of smartphones has seen people constantly having their attention drawn away from their nearest and dearest ones and to the devices instead.

He warned that unless people changed their behaviour, they could suffer mental illness as a result, the 'Daily Mail' reported.

He told an audience at the Hay Festival – a celebration of culture and social responsibility – in Cartagena, Colombia that there are also now mental conditions called internet addiction and Phantom Vibration Syndrome – where you have a phone in your pocket and you think you have got a text message

but have not.

"We're constantly having our attention distracted and distraction is a cost," he said.

"When you switch tasks it requires attention. Paying attention to what you're doing and who you are with and turning your phone off and enjoying being with your friends is much better for you than constantly checking your phone and checking emails," he was quoted as saying by The Telegraph…

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