Decrease loneliness and enhance happiness!

Decrease loneliness and enhance happiness!

One of the biggest killers of happiness is loneliness; one of the greatest causes of misery is loneliness. 

The flip side of this is that real happiness and wellbeing comes from feeling connected and like we belong…so anything that challenges and decreases loneliness will, by definition, enhance happiness and health. 

This is why I thought you'd like this article by Karyn Hall from PsychCentral…

“I feel like such a loser, I don’t have any friends to call to hang out with.”

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard some variation of that statement.  Maybe it’s not having a birthday party because you don’t know anyone to invite or maybe you want to go to an event and have no one to go with you. When you don’t have friends, it’s easy to judge yourself as less than.

What do you do?

In previous posts I’ve talked about accepting that you are lonely and not judging the loneliness. I’ve also mentioned that connecting to the world around you in some way can decrease some of the loneliness you feel, such as through gardening or going for mindful walks, particularly in nature.

Accept that Wanting Friends is Normal

While the above steps are helpful, most people who are lonely long for deep connection with other people. Wanting to connect with others is not codependency. Humans are naturally social, some more than others. For some, one or two connections may be all they want. Others may crave a large group of friends. Regardless of your preferences, feeling lonely does not mean something is wrong with you.

Drop the Masks

In her book, Freedom from Loneliness: 52 Ways to Stop Feeling Lonely, Jennifer Page notes that when you go out, stop thinking about yourself and trying to be perfect…

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