Beat the January Blues

Beat the January Blues

I know January's almost over but this article should still prove interesting and useful…

by Katy Young

"Nowadays we put so much energy into trying to control our bodies, relationships, our money, our future, our business, our families and our kids," says Clinical hypnotherapist and master NLP Practitioner Jacqueline Hurst , "but in actual fact one of the best things we can do in pursuit of happiness, is learning to let go."

It seems we've been playing by the wrong set of happiness rules "simply relaxing and enjoying the moment is something that we now have to work at," Hurst explains, "it's work in progress."

For Hurst, it's time to rethink the happiness game. It's not about taking on a new set of rigid new years resolutions, it's about "letting go, because freedom is the only condition for happiness."

The Ten Lessons in Letting Go:

1. Stop trying to be perfect, it makes us feel inferior and desperate to change; owning our uniqueness makes us feel worthy and excited to evolve.

2. Other people will judge, so doing our best and accepting that people will form opinions is far more empowering than worrying about what everyone else thinks.

3. Love will be messy at times, and unless you're in an unhealthy relationship, lean into the messiness. That's where the intimacy is.

4. Tomorrow is uncertain and despite all our planning, plotting, worrying, or dreading, what will be will be and no matter how scared we may feel, it will always work out how it is meant to work out.

5. We can't change other people. No matter how much we wish someone would act differently, it has to be his or her choice…

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