Start your day…happy!

Start your day…happy!

by Dr. Happy (follow on Twitter HERE

Get your day off to a great start with this simply happiness strategy…

…all you need to do is begin each day with a positive habit! It really is that simple. 

You see, there are two very well established psychological principles that too many of us don't use well enough. But when we do make the most of their power we can enjoy significantly more happiness and success. 

Firstly, we are, essentially, creatures of habit. Unfortunately, many of us have bad habits but what we sometimes forget is that good habits are wonderful for our health and wellbeing and happiness. When we get in a positive routine with something it's hard to break so if the routine/habit is a healthy one we find being happy and well becomes natural!

Secondly, positivity begets positivity! That is, when we're happy, we're more likely to see good things and to do good things which creates more happiness and…a positively self-reinforcing cycle that ultimately maintains itself! 

So what I'm recommending is that you start each and every day with something positive – it could be a mantra, or some exercise or a meditation or all of the above. The idea is that if you can make this happiness habit automatic you'll be more likely to start each day positively and if you start each day positively you'll be more likely, as noted, to see and do good things that will reinforce and maintain your happiness and success!

Sound good? 

Give it a go and then share your positive day-starters HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page. Thanks in advance : )