Happiness creates it’s own wealth!

Happiness creates it’s own wealth!

They say, quite rightly, that money can't buy happiness; but happiness does bring more money! Check out this fascinating article that confirms the results of what's becoming a well established finding…

by Todd Essig for Forbes

Just because something is intrinsically good does not mean it lacks practical economic benefit. Sometimes life can be win-win. The psychological well-being of adolescents and young adults is apparently one such fortunate situation. According to some solid research just published this past December, higher levels of mental wealth when turning 20 results in income gains 10 years later.

The article, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by economists Jan-Emmanuel De Neve and Andrew Oswald, has policy, business, and personal consequences. It begins:

“The relationship between money and human happiness has generated a burgeoning cross-disciplinary literature. Virtually all published research on this matter has considered the effects of income upon subjective well-being …This study examines—and provides evidence of—the reverse. By using longitudinal information within families (exploiting so-called sibling fixed effects), it finds that happier people go on, many years later, to earn greater incomes. The results are suggestive of some form of causal relationship between well-being and income.”…

…so if boosting your income and/or wealth is of interest to you keep reading HERE to find out how you can achieve this by boosting your psychological wellbeing or happiness!