Finding happiness by looking upside down!

Finding happiness by looking upside down!

by Dr. Happy (follow him on Twitter HERE

You've probably all heard that somewhat cliched saying that we should smile more by "turning that frown upside down". In other words, happiness can come simply by putting on a fake smile. 

Although there's some merit to this (up to a point, faking it 'till you make it does work) there's much greater merit to the idea that happiness will come to those who can not just change their facial expression but to those who can also change their attitude. 

One of the strategies we often teach people here at The Happiness Institute, in our coaching and therapy sessions as well as our workshops (see HERE) is to imagine what things would be like if you were the complete, opposite person or in a completely different situation. 

So, if I'm facing a problem I might ask myself…what would it be like if I were single, without kids, working in a job I hate for an employer I can't stand, living in a horrible suburb of a terrible city, struggling to get by on minimal wage and with several physical disabilities (etcetera etcetera). 

Now for me, as soon as I think of this, most problems change completely; and more often than not I think that the problem I'm facing is really only a problem because my life is so good! 

Clearly, this strategy won't work all the time and clearly also, each person will need to tailor it to suit their circumstances and individual context but, based on the above scenario, it can quite often lead to a…

…happy ending! 

So next time you're stuggling to enjoy happiness or worse, next time you're feeling down and depressed, ask yourself what things would be like if you were a totally different person in a totally different situation and see if things might then look a little different. 

Try it and let us know how you go; did you find more happiness? 

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