Happiness is…realising that life is awesome NOW!

Happiness is…realising that life is awesome NOW!

What ever you're doing now…do it fully! 

Where ever you are now…be there and be mindful. 

Who ever you're with now…give them your full attention. 

If you ever want to be happy…be it now!

We can always learn from the past; and look forward to & plan for the future. But there really is only one time we can really enjoy happiness and that's in the here and now. 

I should note, that in this context, I'm defining happiness as "optimal human functioning"; so what that means is that even if you're facing adversity and challenges and/or going through tough times, if you're doing the best you can to cope as best you can then that, to me, is still happiness (or what might be called resilience). 

So take a minute NOW to look around you and appreciate the incredible awesomeness of life; take a minute NOW to reflect upon all the good things in your life; take a minute NOW to see the beauty in yourelf and in others and in the world generally. 

Savouring life's magic moments and practicing appreciation and gratitude are sure way to be happier more often. Be mindful of utilising these strategies as often as you can and you'll mindfully enjoy happiness more often than you thougth possible!