7 things you need to live a happier & better life

7 things you need to live a happier & better life

After decades of study in the positive psychology field, US psychologists Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman came up with 24 character traits that every person needs to acquire in order to live their happiest, most fulfilling and successful life.

by Genevieve Rota for Cleo MSN NZ

We whittled this list down to the seven we think are absolute must-haves to live your best life ever — and who doesn't want that?

1. Grit

It's that sheer determination that keeps you persevering at goals, even in the face of challenges.

You need it because… Life has a tendency to throw big fat obstacles your way, just when you thought you had it all under control.

Psychologist Dr Lissa Johnson says that having resilience, or grit, "allows us to deal with daily hassles, as well as major upheavals, without being destabilised".

Get more by… Knowing exactly what you want and holding out for it. "Grit takes courage and self-belief," explains psychologist Dr Joann Lukins. "An important component of this is goal-setting. If you have a clear idea of the things you wish to achieve in life, it makes sticking it out much easier."

2. Self-control

The ability to rein yourself in and know when to say "no".

You need it because… "It prevents irrational behaviour that often leads to conflict," says clinical psychologist Aleks Srbinoski. "Self-control reduces impulsivity and allows you to be more effective in relationships."

Get more by… Practising. "Self-control is like a muscle," says Dr Lukins. "The more you exercise it, the bigger and better it gets." It may be hard at first, but with time it'll become second nature.

3. Curiosity

Be open-minded, willing to learn and keen to discover things about yourself and your world.

You need it because… You'd be mentally stumped without it. "Curiosity is a wonderful strength, as it opens us up to new possibilities and challenges," says Dr Lukins. "Being curious expands what we see and our potential for growth. It will make you more productive, more positive and you will learn more overall."

Get more by… "Seeking out novel experiences and challenges," advises Srbinoski. "Pick up a new instrument, learn a new language, visit new people and ask more questions." Think of your body and brain as never-ending receptacles for new information and experiences and endeavour to top them up a little each day.

4. Love

It's what makes the world go round!

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