You don’t need that much for happiness

You don’t need that much for happiness

You don't need that much for happiness. 

In fact happiness is most often found in the simple things and in…gratitude for these simple things. 

For most, if not all who're reading this post then happiness could and should be found in…

  • having a bed to sleep in tonight

  • having a roof over your head tonight

  • knowing you'll be safe from violence and threat

  • knowing you'll have food to eat tomorrow (and probably more than enough!)

  • going to work on Monday

And if you have the following then you have an even more special type of happiness…

  • a friend to talk to 

  • a lover to lie next to

  • meaningful work 

  • freedom of speech

  • freedom of choice

  • good health

Again, most (if not all) of you reading this will probably be able to tick off many (if not all) in the above lists. What other simple things contribute to your happiness? I'd love to know your thoughts and invite you to share them HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook page. Thanks in advance : )