Happiness is both inside AND outside!

Happiness is both inside AND outside!

As regular readers of my writings would well be aware I very much believe happiness is an inside job…that is, it's largely dependent on what we thing or say to ourselves and what we do in our lives. Our choices, therefore, are key determinants of how we feel and whether or not we live a good life and enjoy happiness and success. 

That being said, there's no doubt the context in which we live and work plays a role. Environmental factors can directly influence our emotions or indirectly trigger thoughts or actions which then impact on how we feel. 

Recently, I came across this simple but great article titled "The Happy Home Makeover" (HERE) in which strategies are offered for finding more happiness by changing our local environment. 

So let's find out how to arrange, or re-arrange your home or work environment for more happiness…

  1. Let as much natural light in as possible

  2. Surround yourself with bright colours

  3. Enjoy greenery and nature with indoor plants and flowers

  4. Keep electronics and screens out of your bedroom and other quiet spaces

  5. Declutter as many spaces as possible – especially entrances and work spaces

  6. Expand small spaces with mirrors

So there you go; make sure you have your thoughts and values adjusted right for health and happiness and success BUT MAKE SURE ALSO that you have your rooms and surroundings adjusted right as well!

PS: as noted above you can read the full and original article, with more details on each of these points – HERE

PPS: I'd love to know what you do to reinforce happiness and positivity via contextual triggers and/or interior design. Please share your ideas HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook page ; )