Help us discover the most popular happiness boosting strategies?

Help us discover the most popular happiness boosting strategies?

We know what the research says; now we want to know what YOU say!

Having read thousands of academic articles AND popular books and stories over the last decade or so I'm pretty familiar with what the positive psychology research says about the efficacy of what have come to be known as "Positive Psychology Interventions" or PPI's. 

In simple terms, we can refer to them as happiness boosters and they include things like…practicing gratitude; working towards meaningful goals; having fun; exercising and more. 

But we're keen to know what YOU think. It's not that we don't believe or trust in the academics and researchers (we do) but it's just that we want to let YOU have your say. 

So we've set up this awesome system whereby you can try a few of our suggestions, have your say and have a vote. But you can also add in any of your own suggestions; and you can try other people's suggestions.

And at the end of a pre-determined period we'll see which happiness boosting exercises have received the most votes. 

It's that simple. 

But again, just so you all understand…there is a list of strategies you can try and vote for but you can also make your own suggestions and vote for, and have others vote for as well. 

Make sense? Then have some fun and have your say HERE

Thanks in advance and please, spread the word so we can spread the happiness : )