Rules for consistent happiness

Rules for consistent happiness

As I'm sure you know I'm a pretty big fan of happiness but I don't necessarily advocate quick fix approaches that might boost happiness in the short term but cause problems in the long term. 

I'm also a believer in the type of happiness that's deep and meaningful, not necessarily superficial and short lived. 

Happiness, in short, is not the same as hedonism. 

And this is why I love the title of this article from Lifehacker – "Rules for Consistent Happiness"! 

Rather than offering any sort of miracle cure or magical solution, author Joel Gascoigne suggests simple, practical but powerful and effective, lifestyle changes and strategies for happiness such as: 

  • wake up early

  • exercise daily

  • disengage (from unhelpful thoughts)

  • regularly help others

  • Learn new skills

  • have multiple ways to "win" each day

This really is a great article; simple but profound…and, I'm confident, something which if you can put into practice will undoubtedly boost your happiness. 

So read the full and original article HERE and then let us know on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page HERE what strategies you find contribute to your consistent happiness!