5 instant happiness boosters

5 instant happiness boosters

Check out this article with 5 great happiness boosters…

So what’s the secret to true joy? “Many variables influence our happiness, including our genetic make-up and the environment in which we live. But there’s no doubt that one of the most important factors is our mindset,” explains Timothy Sharp, PhD, founder of The Happiness Institute. “This is because our thoughts have a significant impact—and we can change them.” Try making these simple tweaks to the way you think, and start enjoying their great and lasting impact on your happiness levels. No magic wand required!


But just in case you're interested, the 5 happiness boosters are…

  1. Balance your past, your present and your future

  2. Simplify your life

  3. Determine and focus on your core values

  4. Cultivate empathy

  5. Put perfection aside

Happiness can easily be yours if you put these 5 simple strategies into practice so get to it now and enjoy more positive emotion and a happier life!