Work hard and you could win the happiness lottery!

Work hard and you could win the happiness lottery!

So, what is it like winning gold? He pauses for about 20 seconds, while his eyes moisten, with what looks like pain. "Imagine winning the lottery, but working for it." Another long pause. "That's the closest I can explain; so the joy of something like that, the 'I can't believe it's happened to me' but knowing that you've put in every single piece of work."

This is an excerpt from an interview with Ian Thorpe during the Olympics…and I loved it!


Because I think this is exactly what happiness is…happiness is that great feeling you get, that great life you live, that success and accomplishment and the sharing of all with loved ones and family and friends but it hasn't been given to you; you've created it by working for it. 

How good is that? 

Knowing you've worked hard (and/or smart) to achieve something and accordingly, reaped the rewards is far better than having something fall on your lap or given to you because you've earned it; and that's vitally important. 

So next time you think you'd like life to be easier and that you wished you could enjoy more happiness without any effort think of Thorpie and think about winning a gold medal in happiness…because if you want to win a gold medal in happiness then you'll have to work for it (but it'll definitely be worth it!