Happiness is…being inspired!

Happiness is…being inspired!

Regular readers of my blog will know that I find happiness in many sources. Personally, I believe that there are multiple ways to create happiness in life and that we all need to find our own sources of joy and satisfaction. 

That being said, there are indubitably a few common contributors to happiness and one, for me, is definitely…inspiration. 

I find inspiration in all sorts of wierd and wonderful places and when I'm inspired…I'm happy. 

I'm inspired, for example, by some Twitter tweets and some Facebook posts; I'm inspired by athletes (such as those we recently saw exceling in the Olympics) and sports people; I'm inspired by entrepreneurs who make a real difference in the world and by artists and musicians who literally make beautiful images and sounds and help me believe in the beauty of the world. 

Today, I want to share with you just a few examples of my inspirations and then, I'm going to ask you to share some examples of people who inspire you and, therefore, contribute to your happiness!

So, in no particular order, I'm inspired (and made happy) by…

  • Jeremy (HERE) – I went to school with Jeremy. But that's not why he inspires me. I love his amazing art. But that's not even why he inspires me. Jeremy inspires me because he's pursued his creative talents and passions in so many new and different ways and also uses his incredible abilities to do good via his free, community service announcements 

  • Ingrid (HERE) – I met Ingrid several years ago now and she's since become a good friend. I've even become good mates with her funny and charming husband but none of these are the source of her inspiration. Ingrid inspires me because she serves, for me, as a constant reminder of how resilient we can be if we choose to RISE above our pasts and the adversity we sometimes have to face

  • My wife (SHE WON'T LET ME PUT A LINK IN HERE!) – I've been lucky enough to have known my wife for 20 years now and we've been married for most of that. She inspires me each and every day to be more patient, loving, thoughtful, caring, selfless and so much more. I'm hoping that in the next 20 years I might eventually get there!

  • The Happiness Institute Team (HERE and HERE) – this amazing group of people serve to inspire me via their daily actions aimed at spreading happiness and positivity as widely as possible, each and every day and week

  • Doug Savage (HERE) – I've never met Doug but I love his simple cartoons that inspire me to laugh at the world, and sometimes at myself, on a regular basis

  • Peter H Reynolds (HERE) – Peter and I have also never met in the "real world" but we have "met" via email and online. Peter is the author of several incredible children's books (e.g. Ish and The Dot) and the inspiration I draw from him comes from his belief, expressed beautifully in his words and pictures, that happiness can come from trying and not necessarily expecting perfection!

  • This list could go on and on and one day I might include some more of my heroes, especially some of the musicians who've brought life to my heart and the artists who've brought interest to my mind and the sportsmen (and women) who've brought excitement to my life but for now…

…who inspires you? From where does your happiness gain its inspiration? 

Let us know HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page – this could be really interesting : )