Happiness is in…belonging

Happiness is in…belonging

On the weekend just passed I went, with a good friend, to an event in which a particular subculture seemed to dominate and to thrive. This was a group of people who in any other context would have appeared somewhat "different" but because there were so many of them together they were the ones who appeared to be "normal" and it was everyone else who didn't "fit in". 

And I felt so happy for them!

And I also got to thinking…

…maybe this is one of the "secrets" to happiness; maybe finding your own niche, your own special subculture, the gang or tribe or group to which you belong is one of the ways to feel happy and part of something. We know relationships are important for happiness and we know, also, that connectedness and belonging are important to living a good life and what I saw on the weekend definitely seemed to confirm this. 

Now I imagine there are some (like me in a way) who might want to have a foot in more than one camp; and if so, I can't see any problem with that. But I think in one way or other we all want to be part of something and when we find that something we experience a very important type of happiness. 

And the great news is that there are all sorts of subcultures out there!

So whether you're a yuppie or a hipster; a hippie or a westie; a surfie or a baby boomer; a punk or rockabilly or artist type or…well anything, it doesn't really matter. All that matters is that you feel you belong because when you do, at least one type of happiness will definitely be yours!