Happy people succeed!

Happy people succeed!

Happiness does not just feel nice…it's good for pretty much every aspect of your life!

Research suggests that happy people are healthier, live longer, have better quality relationships and are more productive at work!

They're all pretty good outcomes and they all stem, in one way or other, from happiness!

Which is why I'm pleased to bring you this nice article from The Huffington Post in which Art Markman writes about how and why happy people succeed…

…it begins like this: 

One of the big changes in psychology over the course of my career has been the increase in research on positive psychology. When I was a graduate student, there was a lot of work on stress and mental illness, but few researchers spent much time studying happy people.

Quite a bit of research has examined influences of positive affect on thinking. Positive affect is the broad term used to describe the variety of positive feelings that people experience. For example, work by Alice Isen and her colleagues found that positive affect made people more creative and more likely to be helpful relative to a neutral mood.

What happens over a long period of time, though? It is possible that the benefits of being happy persist over the long term and happy people are the ones who make the most of their lives. It is also possible that there are benefits to being happy in the short term, but not in the long term. Perhaps people who are uncomfortable with their life as it is now are more likely to pursue educational and career opportunities to improve themselves than people who are happy.

So what happens?

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