Finding happiness in…compassion

Finding happiness in…compassion

Science suggests that compassion may well be the most important thing in your life!

Those who practice compassion tend to be happier and healthier. It really is that simple. So if you want more happiness and wellbeing then keep reading…

The Huffington Post recently published THIS GREAT ARTICLE in which they refer to research findings that conclude the following 10 reasons why compassion is so good for us…

  1. it makes us happy

  2. in fact it makes us happier than when we buy things for ourselves

  3. it makes us attractive

  4. it uplifts everyone around us

  5. it spreads like wildfire

  6. it boosts our health and longevity

  7. it helps us bounce back from difficulty

  8. it feels good and natural

  9. it reduces stress and gives us more time

  10. it's good for the envrinment and all

Check out the full and original article HERE and then get on to practising compassion…it'll boost your happiness and the positivity of everyone around you!