Be Happy – 28 Tips for more Happiness

Be Happy – 28 Tips for more Happiness

Earlier today I stumbled upon this great, short YouTube clip titled "Be Happy" (you can view it HERE). 

In short, it illustrates with some beautiful cartoons and simple words the following practical tips you can implement for more happiness in your life…

  1. Show up and participate in life

  2. Follow your heart (where ever it leads)

  3. Find a new perspective (for happiness)

  4. Have a sense of wonder

  5. Find people you love

  6. Set (meaningful) goals

  7. Help others

  8. Dance

  9. Pamper yourself

  10. Face your fears

  11. Go to a museum (or art gallery)

  12. Exercise

  13. Watch less TV

  14. Get in touch with nature

  15. Lighten up

  16. Get a good night's sleep

  17. Read more books

  18. Buy yourself flowers

  19. Don't compare yourself with others

  20. Don't beat yourself up

  21. Be open to new ideas

  22. Don't focus on negative thoughts

  23. Create what you desire

  24. Have fun

  25. Keep romance in your life

  26. Write a gratitude list

  27. Want what you have

  28. Be happy

To get full benefit from this remember, you need to put this in to practice to really enjoy the potential happiness. And again, as noted above, you can watch the YouTube clip HERE