10 keys to happier living

10 keys to happier living

The people over at Action for Happiness are doing some fantastic work and among other things have come up with one of the best summaries of positive psychology happiness boosting strategies I've seen! They pull together all the research and present it in such a user friendly manner that it's very hard to find any ways in which it could be improved. 

So, without any modifications I happily share with you their 10 keys to happier living…

…the full and original article can be seen HERE but in summary, the 10 happiness tips are: 

  1. Giving to and doing good for others

  2. Connect with others

  3. Taking care of your body

  4. Notice the world around you

  5. Keep learning new things

  6. Set goals to look forward to

  7. Find ways to bounce back

  8. Take a positive approach

  9. Be comfortable with yourself

  10. Be part of something bigger

Again, you can read the full article with more detailed outlines of these 10 happiness steps HERE

I hope you enjoy and mos importantly, I hope you find ways to make these part of your happy lives!