What makes for a happy workplace?

What makes for a happy workplace?

With most people heading off to work on Monday morning how many will be heading to a positive workplace? 

Well, the good news is that many will; and some more good news is that we can learn from them and create more happy workplaces. 

So let's start with this article in which the happiest workplaces are reviewed and lauded…

After researching 291 workplaces and 68,005 employees, BRW and the Great Place To Work Institute Australia have announced Melbourne-based IT consultancy OBS as top of the 2012 BRW Best Places to Work list.

Technology companies made up the top five workplaces, and accounted for seven of the top 10. NetApp and Google came in at number two and three, respectively. Software-as-a-service pioneer Salesforce.com was in sixth place, while internet security company McAfee came just outside the top 10 list, at 11th.

A combination of transparency, skill, pride and fun saw OBS named among the nation's 10 most desirable workplaces each year since the BRW awards began in 2009.

Andy Neumann, OBS managing director, said: “The point of being a great place to work is that you have to be able to produce that environment consistently. You can't just achieve a set of conditions and forget about it. You've got to be able to do it again and again.”

Kate Mills, BRW editor said: “OBS has a high level of trust with employees, and a great team environment. Australia's best places to work offer everything from massages to gym memberships, days off for birthdays, a voice with management, flexible working hours and more. There is a lot to learn from how they do business.”

…you can read the full & original article on the SHM site HERE

But what I'd love to know is who, among you, works in a great team or organisation in which happiness is valued and encouraged? Let us know what and how your team boosts happiness HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page 

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