Awakening the “happy you” within

Awakening the “happy you” within

Amidst my writing and speaking and training and…well, all manner of activities I make sure I find time for a number of clients who I see one-on-one for coaching and/or therapy. Although it's hard to find the time sometimes I continue to priorities this part of my working life because, quite simply, I find it immensly satisfying. In essence, it is what I do and it is who I am. 

And funnily enough, this is a message I try to help many of these clients understand and apply in their lives. 

You see, there have been times in my professional life when I've been very busy and for a variety of reasons I've "let go" of this 1-1 coaching; instead, I've focused on the corporate consulting and conference speaking and business building etc. Now don't get me wrong, I love all these things but for me, the most energising and happiness boosting part of my day and week is when I sit down, quietly, with just one other person and try to guide them towards a happier and healthier, more successful and fulfiling life. 

The times I've let this slp are the times I've also let my happiness slip!

So I keep going back to my passion and right now, as I have the balance pretty much right, I'm incredibly satisfied with my working life (and, for that matter, with my personal life but let's leave that for another blog posting). I'm flourishing and thriving and as a result, all the other parts of my working and personal life are doing well too. 

Which brings me to the key message in this posting…do what you love and the rest will pretty much take care of itself. 

This might sound simple but too many people overlook the simple. I was, for example, working with a client just the other day and I picked up on the fact that when she started talking about a particular project her eyes lit up and the one in her voice became more animated and she smiled more and…quite simply she was bursting with happiness. 

At the same time, however, it was clear that this activity was not receiving as much attention or time or resources as many other activities that didn't energise her nearly as much. Reflecting on this we discussed how she could focus more on this energising activity and spend more of her time doing what she loved. To cut a long story short I'm pleased to say she left with a smile on her face : ) 

So today, I encourage you all to reflect upon those aspects of your life that you find energising and inspiring. When do you feel you have most energy? When do you feel the most you? 

Once you have the answers to these questions then, and this is the important bit, ask yourself…

…what can I do to have MORE OF THIS in my life? 

Happiness is doing more of what you love AND loving more of what you do. Go do it now.