A happy world begins with a happy you

A happy world begins with a happy you

HI all and for those of you NOT here in Australia…most of us have a public holiday today so we're enjoying some time off from the typical working week. Regardless, whether you're working or resting, it's always nice to have some positive reading that will help us create more happiness in our lives and with this in mind I'm happy to share with you today this thought provoking article from The Huffington Post titled "A happy world begins with a happy you". It begins like this…

My son just reminded me that it was Earth Day. This sparked a discussion of what one person can do to make a change. We talked about Al Gore, how recycling has grown and new ideas that could really shift our perspective. For me, the most exciting idea to affect the planet this year has come from a tiny country in the Himalayas called Bhutan. Their prime minister has been waging a campaign to measure human progress not only by how wealthy a country is, but also by the way it impacts the environment and the happiness of its people… a fascinating notion that has made it all the way to the U.N.

Earlier this month, Bhutan's Prime Minister Jigme Thinley suggested the meeting to explore the idea of Gross National Happiness (GNH), rather than just the conventional economic measure of Gross National Product (GNP). What does that mean? The U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon summarized it this way:

"Social, economic and environmental well-being are indivisible. Together they define gross global happiness."

The environment, social well-being and economics together in one soup — now that's an idea that could be a game changer!

I decided to look deeper. Apparently the U.N. General Assembly mandated a World Happiness Report that described some of the problems the planet is now facing…

…keep reading the full and original article HERE where notably, you'll find some solutions. That is, things you/we can all do to improve ourselves and improve the world!