Listen to your happiness GPS

Listen to your happiness GPS

As many readers would well be aware I often repost or redirect you to the Huffington Post, a publication that produces lots of great stuff that's relevant to health and happiness. 

And so today I'm happy to share with you another one, this time by Amanda Slavin, in which she helps us find happiness by using our inner, happiness GPS! 

It begins like this…

When I think of my happiest moments, it is usually at times in my life when I am bringing the people I love together. There is something about connecting people and watching those I love, love each other that makes it extremely worthwhile for me. There are times however, when I look back at those very same moments that made me most happy, that I remember this feeling that it was not enough to have all of these people in the room. There was a longing for that "right person" otherwise known as the "fixer upper" who I was into at the time to be there as well, and if he didn't show up for some reason I felt frustrated and dependent.

I have started to really think about what makes me happy. Happiness starts with knowing what makes you sad, and breaking free from those constraints. It is often said, "ignorance is bliss." While I do not believe this, I know that I ignored a pang of unhappiness for years to embrace this immediate feeling of elation so in some regard I was choosing to be ignorant. While I always knew that the tumultuous relationships I would sometimes get myself into and dependency on others for happiness didn't feel 100 percent right, it was only until recently that I was confident and brave enough to make the choice to listen to this feeling of discomfort.

As I get a little older and a little wiser every day, I learn more and more about the person I want to be. I met with a friend, Anna Goldstein, who is also a life coach for lunch who wanted to meet up after reading my last article on "Investing in Potential" and she said, "You are exactly where you are supposed to be at 26 years old, you know what you don't want and you are breaking free from that. That is happiness." This idea of breaking free is liberating and also terrifying. While these decisions can lead to happiness, it is hard to walk away from things, jobs, and people that are seemingly bringing you happiness, but deep down you feel that scratching feeling that something isn't right. It's easier to choose that feeling of ignorance than it is to break free from it and really explore if this isn't happiness, what is?

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