80 tips for more happiness at work

80 tips for more happiness at work

Right, so most of us are at work today; and most of us will be back at work tomorrow; and most of us will continue to work the next day and the next week and…

…well, I think you get the idea. 

And many of you will be working away but really counting down the hours until the weekend, or until your next holiday or…

…until you can leave work!

But it doesn't have to be like this; in fact it's in nobody's interest for any of us not to enjoy our work. Finding happiness at work is what we, here at The Happiness Institute, mostly help people do and we believe (and have research to back it up) that happy workers are better workers. 

Happy employees are more engaged, more collaborative, more creative and innovative and resilient and so much more. 

So, if you'd like to learn more about how to bring happiness to your workplace then get in touch with paul@thehappinessinstitute.com but for now, read these 80 tips you should be able to implement pretty much immediately…

1.            Find a way to delight a customer today

2.            Find a way to delight one of your people today

3.            Stop to say hello to colleagues and get to know them better

4.            Find ways to make working together more fun and sociable

5.            Pre-approve: A new approach, a problem to solve – get an individual or group to find a solution and then implement it without checking back with you

6.            Don’t approve things: And resist the temptation to “improve” your people’s ideas

7.            Give people the freedom to choose their own paths to achieving results

8.            Ensure there are clear principles to work within

9.            Ensure there are clear objectives to work towards & people feel they own them and are fully accountable for them

10.          Once they have job ownership, hold people to account & be tough with underperformance

11.          Help your people set up regular feedback, from the customer

12.          Get managers to step out of the way                   

13.          Stop telling people what to do                 

14.          Pass the knowledge on to your people, so they don’t need things approved

15.          Have your people write their own job descriptions

16.          Let people choose their own job title (or abolish job titles altogether)

17.          Encourage disobedience

18.          Give full power and responsibility to front-line staff to change anything that is wrong

19.          Let people spend 10% of their paid time doing something of their own initiative (Google: 20%)

20.          Take real responsibility in your job. Lead beyond your authority

21.          Peer appraisal: have every person appraised by their peers, their fellow workers. (You survive and prosper by what your colleagues think of you)

22.          Set any rules for the 98% trying to do a good job, not the 2% who aren’t

23.          Let people decide their own salaries (Semco)

24.          Let people choose which two colleagues should assess their salary (St Lukes)

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