Happiness is…something you live today!

Happiness is…something you live today!

What will you do TODAY for happiness and a good life? 

This might seem like an unnecessary question but in my experience (professional and personal) it's one of the most important questions. 

And that's because too many of us spend too much of our time imagining what life might be like and how much better things will be when…

…when we have more money or a better job or we've lost weight or whatever. 

And while we're doing all this "wondering" we're missing out on the wonders of the here and now. That's not to say we shouuldn't plan ahead and set goals; we should. But we need to be very careful we don't lose days and weeks and months and years, that will drift or even race by if we're not careful. 

Now is the only time we can really be happy. Sure, we can reminisce fondly on the past BUT to do that we're thinking in the present. Sure we can eagerly and  happily look forward to the future BUT to do that we're thinking in the present and to make it a reality we need to act in the present. 

So make the most of TODAY. Use today to savour happy moments from the past and to plan for happiness and success in the future but mostly, use today to LIVE LIFE to the fullest. 

Because if not today then when???