Top 10 Happiness Killers

Top 10 Happiness Killers

More often than not I like to focus, in this blog and in all my communications, on positive strategies for positive living that will ultimately assist you in your quest to enjoy more happiness. 

Every now and then, however, it's helpful to spend at least a bit of time on some negatives…and today, I'd like to list some of the top negatives, the most prevalent and poisonous happiness killers, so you know what to look out for and can start to avoid them as best you can. 

So here, based on years of practice and readings and learnings and experiences, are my top 10 happiness killers…

  1. Unrealistic expectations – don't, for example, expect to be happy all the time!

  2. Lack of direction – set yourself some meaningful goals and work towards those great happiness feelings of accomplishment, achievement and pride

  3. Exhaustion – it's hard to be happy if you're sick and tired all the time so make sure you get enough sleep and rest

  4. Poor health – following on from the previous point don't ever forget that happiness comes in part from taking care of our bodies and from exercising and keeping active

  5. Pessimism and excessively negative self talk – we're all a bit critical of ourselves at times but don't overplay this and remember, that for all your failings you've also achieved success

  6. Dwelling on the past – as the saying goes, the past is history, and it can't be changed, so look to the future and the best years of your life

  7. Selfishness – real happiness is NOT selfishness so focus on doing good for others (not just yourself) and foster compassion as well as altruism and generosity

  8. Focusing all your efforts on trying to fix weaknesses – instead, spend more of your time working with your strengths 

  9. Focusing on what others have and on what you don't have – happiness comes much more to those who focus on what they have and to those who practice appreciation and gratitude

  10. Taking ourselves and our lives too seriously – life's way too important to take seriously; instead, laugh and play and have fun as often as you can!

So there they are, my top 10 happiness killers with some simple, but hopefully helpful solutions. 

What are your top happiness killers and how have you overcome them? I'd love to hear/read about your thoughts HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook page.