How to buy happiness

How to buy happiness


So many people for so many years have preached that you can't buy happiness. And these people are both right…and wrong!

Money definitely won't buy happiness if all you do is focus on earning more income and/or accumulating more wealth and then expect that your life will magically get better.

Because it won't.

And for some their lives might actually become worse. How? Because for some earning more money requires excessive hours in the office and/or excessive and negative demands on key relationships…neither of which are necessarily good at producing more happiness or health.

But the good news is that money can buy happiness if…you spend it the right way!

And the right way does NOT mean spending it more on you, or on certain products over other products. But rather, the right way to buy happiness is by spending more of your money on others. By doing so we benefit from the "helpers' high" and fully utilise the wonders of altruism, generosity, love, compassion and many, many more aspects of positive relationships which we know are central to and key for real and meaningful happiness.

If you're interested in learning more about how to buy happiness by spending more on others then check out this great TED talk by Michael Norton (HERE); it's only 10 minutes long and he simply (and at times humorously) sums up some fascinating research from which we can all benefit.