How to increase your willpower – Top 5 Tips

How to increase your willpower – Top 5 Tips

Here's a summary from my segment on The Morning Show today…

Every day, we're forced to choose between what we want to do and what we should do. And in those moments of weakness – watching T-V certainly beats going for a run.

Whether we realise it or not, we're all guilty of putting ourselves in temptation's way. And if you're like Miranda in 'Sex and the City', you probably think eating one more piece of cake can't hurt!

So how can we resist temptations and boost our willpower? Psychologist and Chief Happiness Officer of The Happiness Institute, Doctor Timothy Sharp, dishes some top tips on how to boost your willpower.

Why is it so hard to resist that extra piece of cake?

Old habits, especially bad ones, die hard.

So what five things can we do to train our minds and build our willpower?

  1. Have a big, bold and positive vision of the future

  2. Replace bad habits with positive ones

  3. Monitor and check your progress regularly

  4. Manage your energy levels

  5. Focus on using your strengths


What if we're giving it our best shot but we experience some setbacks along the way?

If you do blow it, forgive yourself and move on. You are only human, and judging yourself as a bad parent or lazy slob will make you less likely to meet your goals, and more likely to give into your impulses.

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