5 things I learned about happiness & relationships recently

5 things I learned about happiness & relationships recently

I receive numerous invitations to meet with many people who're interested in what I/we do and who in some way or other would like to discuss collaborating. 

This is very flattering and…very interesting. 

For obvious reasons I can't always meet with everyone but I do love meeting new people and so I try to meet with as many as I can. And in the last few weeks I've had some fascinating coffee conversations and here's what I've learned…

  • meeting with new poeple is exciting and interesting and sometimes challenging which is why I highly recommend it as a happiness strategy!

  • you never really know which meetings will prove useful or not so again, I recommend getting out there and talking to as many new people as you can because some of them, if not all, will be good for your happiness or success or some aspect of your life

  • people are really interesting! If you listen to them, and I mean really listen, you can learn a lot : ) 

  • positive relationships are vital to health and wellbeing and, of course…to happiness so building and fostering good and stimulating relationships is a very worthwhile investment of time

  • 2 people can achieve more than 1 person and many people working together can achieve much more than many people working individually…so look towards collaborating and interacting more, in all areas of your life; it's worth it! 

What do you enjoy most about building new relationships? 

How do the other poeple in your life contribute to your happiness and wellbeing? 

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