Happiness and the act of daily goal setting

Happiness and the act of daily goal setting

Set yourself goals each and every day and happiness and success will be yours!

That's right…it's that easy and that difficult. The latter because it requires discipline. But those who get the discipline right enjoy all the rewards; and the rewards are priceless. 

We have, for quite some time now here at The Happiness Institute, been advocating that happiness requires nothing more than practising a few simple disciplines each and every day. And setting purposeful and meaningful goals would certainly be one of them. Which is why I'm so happy to share with you this great article…

Successful people “think” success all the time. That is why their goals are firmly lodged in their subconscious. The subconscious is brilliant at prioritizing. It listens to you and gauges from your thoughts what you think is the most important task.

This means that what you think about most of the time is what The Subconscious will think is the most important thing for you and will try to find creative solutions. If you think about problems, The Subconscious will try to find you more problems. If you think about solutions, goals and dreams, it will try to make them come true.

But The Subconscious goes even further when trying to understand what you think is important; it “listens” to your feelings.

A thought imbued with a powerful emotion must be more important than a thought that had didn’t emotionally affect you at all, even if you think that through over and over and over again.

Luckily, it has been proven that a positive thought is over 100 times as positive as a negative thought. This makes it a lot easier to drive positive emotions into your Subconscious.

This makes it all easier

It is enough to be positive and keep your thoughts on what you want — and you don’t have to go monitoring your thoughts all the time.

It is enough to imbue your thoughts a few times a day with a powerful positive emotion when thinking about your goals. The more you can do it the more powerful this exercise will be.

For many, reading their goals or making plans become a chore, something that fills them with negative emotions. This ruins the full potential of these activities; filling yourself with positive emotions while thinking about your goals will make them a lot more powerful.

Over the last several years I have been taught several exercises that can help you focus more on your goals and spend more time thinking about and feeling about them. What I want you to remember when doing these exercises is to have fun. Never see them as a chore, you are living your goals, it is something to enjoy.

If you don’t feel uplifted at the thought of focusing on your goals, you might as well not do the exercise today. Do it tomorrow instead, because it will do more harm than good if you are in the wrong mood when thinking about your goals.

How this power can affect your life

In my business, I constantly need to come up with new ways to improve efficiency, new ideas to test and new subjects to teach. It takes a lot of creative work — and creative work has always been one of my weaker areas. Luckily, thanks to all my work with goal setting (and because of my focus on my goals), my Subconscious knows these are the things I need the most help with and that they are very important to me.

Every day I get new ideas of things I can try out, products I can create, seminar subjects I can offer, and so on. All of them aren’t good, but when you throw enough “mud against the wall”, something will stick. And that is what my Subconscious does — it feeds me idea after idea…

…now keep reading HERE because the full and original article goes on to describe a simple and practical exercise you can practice every day

And don't be put off by the references to "success" because I've no doubt that exactly the same principles are relevant for happiness. In fact, I believe happiness is the ultimate success so set yourself some goals, each and every day, and enjoy whatever happiness and success you want for yourself : )