Avoid saying these things to yourself for more happiness

Avoid saying these things to yourself for more happiness

As noted in the previous post, I usually focus on things you should DO for more happiness but once more, I'm excited to share with you this great article highlighting what NOT TO DO, or more accurately what NOT TO SAY for more happiness and to live your best life. Keep reading…

Our thoughts determine our attitude, our attitude determines our actions, and our actions determine our life.

That’s why, to realize our full potential, it begins with an understanding of the thought patterns that are holding us back.

Here are six phrases to recognize and avoid:

“I’m not ready.”

You’re as ready as you’ll ever be. Everything leading up to today has prepared for everything you will do now and in the future. What you’re not ready for, you will become ready for. Life will never introduce something to you that you won’t be able to figure out. You’re ready. In fact, you’re always ready.

“That’s impossible.”

Look around. Everything you see was once “impossible.” But then someone dedicated their life to figuring it out. You are possible and anything is possible. You only need to remember that you will figure it out.

“People will judge me.”

You’re right. They might. And if they do, are they the kind of people you want in your life? When you start doing what you love, you’ll attract people who love to do the same kinds of things as you. Let yourself be judged. It’s an automatic filter of the people you’ll want to minimize spending time with.

“I might fail.”

Yes. You might fail. And guess what? You will survive. You will learn to use failure as momentum. Your failures will lead you to your successes. The insight, learnings, and relationships that you gain from failing will often be more useful than what you originally set out to do. But only if you start failing. How can you fail today?

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