A recipe for … happiness

A recipe for … happiness

I'm always loathe to offer "prescriptive" approaches to happiness because what makes one person happy might not work for the next person. 

That being said, the science of positive psychology has certainly revealed some general principles that do boost happiness for most people. 

And this article pretty much sums them up well in this "recipe" so for a good outline of how to cook up more happiness keep reading…

The idea of positive thinking has been thrown around for many decades as the source of wealth, health and happiness.

From Norman Vincent Peale’s classic book The Power of Positive Thinking, to Al Fraken’s satiric self-help character Stuart Smally on Saturday Night Live, reminding us to affirm that, “I’m good enough, smart enough, and doggone it people like me.”

Frankly, positive thinking has become such a popularized and commercial notion that many people find it to be cliché and exaggerated.

Can we really be happier by just thinking positively? Can life actually improve by simply changing how we think about things?

I certainly believe that positive thinking can help us feel better. Our thoughts and feelings are intricately related and the way we interpret situations and events, which have been shown to impact the emotions and behavior that follow.

So, what does positive thinking involve?

Is just about using positive affirmations and idle statements?

When it comes to our well-being, there are three cognitive components that make-up positive thinking, which includes life-satisfaction, self-esteem, and optimism.

Three areas that are make-up positive thinking

Life-satisfaction – How would you rate the conditions of your life? Are you living close to your ideal when it comes to relationships, work, and leisure?

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