7 things you should add to your STOP DOING list right now

7 things you should add to your STOP DOING list right now

In this blog I mostly post about things you should START DOING for more happiness. Today, I'm posting an article that lists a number of things you should STOP DOING! 

Now although the article is ostensibly about "success" I've no doubt that all of the strategies listed are just as relevant for happiness. 

So find your happiness now by stopping…

You probably make lists of things to do and follow them through. But what about the things you should stop doing? Successful people do not do the following things but chances are you still do. Make a decision to add these to your “stop doing list” these from today going forward:

Making Excuses. Successful people do not blame others or make excuses or complain about their bad luck. They take full responsibility for their lives. They know that success and failure lie in their hands. So stop being a victim, stop whining and stop making excuses.

Drifting. Winners have a plan. They have a direction and a purpose. They do not drift through life hoping for the best. They set goals and then set about achieving them.  If you approach each day in a happy go lucky way then stop. Stop drifting and start planning. Develop a vision of a successful you. List what you have to do to get there. Plan your work then work your plan.

Sitting in Front of a Computer All Day (or worse still…a TV). Sure there are some important things you can do sitting at your screen but do not spend all day there. Get out and meet people, network, learn. Do things with the people you want to lead or help or do business with.

Putting Things Off. Procrastination is the enemy of success. Decide on your objective, list out the tasks you have to complete, prioritise them and then get on with the top ones. We all suffer the temptation to put off the jobs we fear or dislike.  Bite the bullet. Eat the frog. Do the job…

…as already noted, all of this is just as important for happiness and wellbeing so keep reading HERE for more things to STOP DOING now!