Why “it’s the thought that counts” is partly wrong!

Why “it’s the thought that counts” is partly wrong!

Was anyone, apart from me, told as they were growing up that "it's the thought that counts"? 

Well, if you were, I'm here to bust that damn myth!

I'm not here to say that thoughts are unimportant; they very much ARE important. But when it comes to happiness and success then more often than not, actions speak louder than words. 

Now, let me try to put these two together. 

Happy and successful people know that at the end of the day the most important things are those you've done; that is, intentions mean little if they're not put into action. 

Some people bang on and on about being kind and living with integrity and doing the right thing but…they do nothing or worse, they actually live a life of lies and dishonesty (often with themselves as much as with others). 

So having the "right" sort of thoughts is important; believing in what's right and knowing what's ethically and morally correct is vitally important. So too are hopeful and optimistic thoughts. So too are (realistic) positive affirmations. So too are so many other things that go on inside our heads…

…but if that's all they do, go on inside our heads, then their "lives" have mostly been wasted (the lives of the thoughts, that is); and so too will our lives!

Because to live our best lives we mush APPLY the intentions of these thoughts and we must TRANSLATE these thoughts and beliefs into actions. When what we think and what we do comes together then, and only then, will we enjoy real and meaningful happiness and success. 

So next time someone (including you) tells you that it's the thought that counts acknowledge the partial truth within this statement but give some extra special thought also to how those thoughts will see the light of day and then…how they'll light up your life by contributing to your happiness and success! 

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