You’re not normal and you’re not crazy and that’s OK

You’re not normal and you’re not crazy and that’s OK

As a psychologist I'm often asked, at dinner parties and BBQs and (not surprisingly) by clients…

Am I normal? 

Am I crazy? 

How do I know if I'm happy? 

And although my answer depends on who is asking and on what the context is it's usually something like…

You're not normal. 

You're not crazy. 

Stop wondering who and what you are and just be; stop asking if you are OK and just be happy as you are. 

OK, I guess I should explain a bit more…

Firstly, after 3 degrees in psychology and more than 20 years experience seeing clients and patients in all manner of contexts I'm still not sure what "normal" is; but I'm pretty sure I don't want to be normal; and I'm also pretty sure I wouldn't want my kids to be normal!

If, by normal, we mean average then that, to me, sounds pretty dull. Instead, I'd prefer to be (and I'd prefer my kids were) special and different in their own ways. Because that is, I believe, where we find happiness and success…by celebrating and fully utilising our strenghs and attributes and differences. 

Also, there are very few people in this world who're crazy. There are some, for sure, but they're rare and they usually don't ask whether or not they're crazy because they don't know any different! It's a bit like the classic catch 22…if you know enough to ask then you're probably not!

So if you're not normal and you're not crazy then what's left. Well, just be you! 

As ridiculously simple as that sounds it's obviously easier said than done at times BUT when achieved, it brings with it happiness and self-satisfaction and pride and ultimately success like nothing else.

So give some serious thought to who and what you are…and then just be it and be happy : ) 

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