How happiness can help you navigate tough times

How happiness can help you navigate tough times

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We all go through difficult moments in life. These may be ongoing, persistent challenges we face on a daily basis, or more unexpected set-backs that throw us off course.

During these times it can be easy to get sullen and discouraged, and neglect all the healthy positive experiences that can still give us joy and hope.

Though when we’re able to remember the blessings in our life and dwell on the positives instead of the negatives, it offers us a greater chance of coping with hardship.

Research reveals that both positive and negative emotions can occur simultaneously during stressful situations, and that positive emotions offer adaptive benefits to help us manage stress and bolster psychological resilience.

In particular, positive emotions can aid in both resistance to stress and recovery from stress.

Cultivating positive emotions helps us resist stress by broadening our perspective and reasoning. We are able to be more flexible in our thinking and to problem solve more effectively when confronted with problems.

Positive emotions also help us to build enduring social resources for support, and give us a chance to maintain more emotional balance by increasing psychological resilience.

Positive emotions help us recover from stress by offsetting many of the symptoms of negative emotions. The impact of negative emotions physiologically can take a toll on our body and mind.

When we cultivate positive emotions, or general calming emotional tones, it provides us a time-out from the arousal of stress and anger.

Having this breather from stress is crucial to stop from becoming overwhelmed, and allows for easier recovery when going through difficult times.

Here are a few general suggestions for how to cope in a positive way:

Develop a positive outlook on life. Recognize that the problem taking place right now won’t necessarily last forever, and that it won’t ruin your life.

Accept the difficulties that can’t be changed. This may also relate to cultivating forgiveness for others or yourself.

Seek support from friends and family. Be willing to communicate with others about what is taking place, and build bonds by connecting with others.

Do kind things for other people and become involved in community events.

Use positive appraisal for adverse experiences. How can you find some sort of meaning and value in what is happening? Find what can be learned from the experience and how it will help you grow as a person…

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