Finding the strength for happiness…a special case of integrity

Finding the strength for happiness…a special case of integrity

Happiness comes, at least in part, from identifying and utilising your inner strengths and attributes. This can be hard for many of us who don't even know what our strengths are so to begin with, becoming more aware of what we're innately good at and of what energises us is vitally important. 

If you're interested in learning more about this you can check out some of The Happiness Institute's free resources such as our classification of signature strengths HERE and some tips for utilising these strengths HERE

But today I want to write about one strength in particular; and that strength is integrity

Now there are many definitions of integrity but in short, living with integrity involves living a life of and with honesty, a life where you speak up for what's right and against what's wrong, a life where what you do is consistent with what you say and believe…because in this case the age old motto is most definitely true – actions speak louder than words. 

None, said it better than Ghandi when he stated that "happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." 

To be perfectly frank, although I think all the strengths listed and described in the resource referred to above and equally important for happiness and for living a good life I find it almost impossible to imagine that one could be genuinely happy and truly successful if one engaged in behaviours that were known to be wrong and/or damaging to others (and yet so many people do this!). 

Integrity, therefore, is key to happiness and wellbeing and integrity, therefore, involves being true to yourself and to others. So next time you're forced to make a difficult decision try to ask yourself what, in your heart, you believe to be right; next time you see someone else behaving in a way that's not right ask yourself whether you could and should speak up and intervene. Because by not speaking up we're effectively endorsing what's wrong and that potentially jeopardises our own integrity as much as that other persons! 

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