12 Secrets of Being Happy

12 Secrets of Being Happy

Every time I saw my father in the couple of years before he died, he would say: ‘Tell me Linda, are you happy?’

I think he knew he was coming to the end of his life and wanted to reassure himself of my well-being.

Maybe it would have been kinder to reply: ‘Yes, Dad, I’m happy.’ But my relationship had come to an end after more than 20 years and the future looked bleak…

…so begins an article by Linda Kelsey which goes on to list the following 12 secrets to happiness: 

  1. Accept what you have

  2. Enjoy what you do

  3. Live for today

  4. Choose happiness

  5. Support other people

  6. Stay busy

  7. Con't compare yourself to others

  8. Be yourself

  9. Stop worrying

  10. Get organised

  11. Think positively

  12. Value happiness

Firstly, you can read the full and orgiginal article HERE but please note also that…

…these and other strategies, will all be covered in my (Dr. Happy's) one day workshop in Sydney on February 18 so give some serious thought to coming along and learning how to change your life for the better (MORE INFO HERE) but also, to what other "secrets" you'd add to this list!

If you were to add a 13th, or 14th happiness tip to this list, what would it be? Share your thoughts HERE on The Happiness Institue's Facebook Page HERE