7 things you can do today for more happiness & success

7 things you can do today for more happiness & success

Based on several fascinating discussions I've had with clients over the last week or so I'm pleased to provide the following 7 simple (and hopefully not too cliched) strategies or tips for living a life with even more happiness and success…

  1. Graciously accept compliments and praise from others

  2. Acknowledge (with modesty) your own strengths and accomplishments

  3. Be honest about your shortcomings and faults

  4. Do something constructive about your shortcomings and faults

  5. Have a clear idea of what a great life would look like for you

  6. Set specific and achievable goals for achieving this great life (and do something to ensure you move closer towards these goals each and every day)

  7. Accept that life will never be perfect and that you can't please all the people all the time

Achieving happiness requires little more than practicing a few simple disciplines each and every day. Happiness and living a great life doesn't always (or even often) come from the BIG things we do but more likely, the little "one percenters", the "extras", those small steps which if taken every day will take us to our ultimate destination. 

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