Happiness is…loving yourself as much as you love others

Happiness is…loving yourself as much as you love others

OK, so most people assume that when I work with my clients I'm the one teaching them the lessons. And, to some extent, that's certainly true. 

When I agree to work with someone I do so with the belief that I can add something to their lives (such as happiness and/or achievement etc) and there's no doubt that when they come to me the expect at least that if not more!

But, what they often don't realise and what I learn and re-learn each and every day is that in my teachings and coaching I learn just as much if not more and I gain just as much if not more as I give. 

Just this morning I had conversations with two current cleints both of whom were struggling to come to terms with their current predicaments and interestingly, with their own successes. To cut a long story short they both, in slightly different ways, struggled to enjoy happiness and other positive emotions because they struggled to acknowledge their own achievements AND to love themselves and take care of themselves they way they love and care for others!

What would happen, I asked one, if you talked to yourself and cared for yourself the way you talk to and support your daughter? 

What would it be like, I asked the other, if you motivated and inspired yourself the way you motivate and inspire those around you? 

In the real world few people change instantly the way they do sometimes in movies or the way the cartoon characters change when the lightbulb goes on…but I could see a flicker of light within both these wonderful people as they contemplated the positive changes and happiness that could potentially come into their lives if they followed through with the logical answers to the questions above. 

So now I ask you…

…do you love yourself the way you love others? 

…do you talk to yourself as kindly and constructively as you do to others? 

…do you take care of yourself the way you take care of others? 

And if not, why not and what would it be like if you did???

Helping others to find happiness is a wonderful thing to do but we can do it so much better if we first help ourselves to be happy!

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