The time for happiness is now! So here’s 7 things you can do…

The time for happiness is now! So here’s 7 things you can do…

Don't delay; do something about your happiness now!

There's only one moment in time in which we can every really do something and in which we can ever really experience happiness…and that's the now, the present moment!

So what you do and think now will determine how you feel, including whether or not you enjoy happiness (and ultimately, success and good quality relationships and so much more). 

So here are 7 things you can do RIGHT NOW to boost your happiness and to increase your chances of living a good life including achieving your goals in 2012…

  • take a breath and focus

  • think about what your perfect life would look like

  • think about what your perfect day would look like

  • break that perfect, happy day down into small, minute chunks and imagine what you'd be doing every minute of today 

  • imagine yourself doing it

  • Do it! 

  • And if all else fails, sign up to come along to what will be a fantastic day of learning and fun with me, Dr. Happy, teaching optimism and the use of strengths, how to overcome fears and much, much more…check it out HERE

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