How to become an optimist in 2012

How to become an optimist in 2012

This blog is about finding ways to enjoy more happiness. 

Happiness is intricately linked to thinking optimistically. 

Thinking optimistically (and, therefore, happiness) can be learned!

Accordingly, I think it's worth sharing this simple and hopefully helpful article from the Huffington Post…

How to become an optimist in 2012 by Dr. Tian Dayton

Optimist's, according to research tend to be healthier, are more active, eat more fruits and vegetables and spend more time actively with others. So who wouldn't want to be one? The question is, can optimism be learned, and if so, wouldn't that be a great New Year's resolution?

Martin Seligman, the world's leading scholar on 'learned helplessness' and depression, in his presidential address to the American Psychological Association, urged psychology to "turn toward understanding and building the human strengths to complement our emphasis on healing damage." That speech launched today's positive psychology movement. Seligman became the world's leading scholar on optimism. Optimists, says Selegman, see life through a positive lens, seeing "bad" events or situations as temporary setbacks or isolated to particular circumstances that can be overcome by their effort and abilities. Pessimists, on the other hand react to setbacks from a presumption of personal helplessness, they feel that bad events will last a long time and will undermine everything they do and are their fault.

Because Selegman saw that helplessness was a learned phenomenon, he also realized that UN-helplessness could be learned. We can learn, in other words,how to be optimists.

Seligman suggests a step by step, "ABCDE" way of categorizing this approach. Examine…

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