5 reasons why talking to others is good for your happiness

5 reasons why talking to others is good for your happiness

As I get further and further into this TV project on which I'm working (http://www.facebook.com/excessbaggageau or @excessbaggage9) I'm enjoying myself more and more and this is partly because I'm working more and more closely with the contestants. 

Not surprisingly, it took them all a few weeks to get to know and to trust me, which most of them have now done, and so as our relationship has developed so too has the impact of our discussions. 

And what it's reinforced for me is the power of talking to someone else about your problems!

Now I should know this having spent 20 years working as a psychologist and coach but we all need to be reminded of the basics from time to time and so today, I'm happy to share with you, 5 reasons why it's good for your happiness to talk to other people about your problems…

  1. a problem shared is a problem halved

  2. it provides perspective

  3. they might have experience dealing with something similar and, therefore, ideas for solutions

  4. feeling understood and connected feels good

  5. talking helps to clarity what's really going on

I'm sure you've also experienced the benefits of talking to someone about your problems and I'm sure, also, you have additional reasons why talking about problems is good for your happiness so feel free to add your thoughts and comments HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page. Thanks in advance : )