Poor me, Rich me

Poor me, Rich me

Several years ago a simple book became a massive best selling. In "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Richard Kiyosaki told how he had to decide whether to listen to and take on his real father's words and attitudes about living as a respected but salaried professional or, the advice of his friend's father who'd achieved far more material success and wealth. 

Now this blog is not about wealth creation or earnings in any way but an observation I've made in recent weeks has reminded me of a principle within this book. 

As I work with people trying to achieve a range of goals, including weight loss and healthier living, there are some who constantly seem to refer to "poor me"; they make excuses and cite long lists of reasons why they can't achieve and/or change. 

And then there are the others…

…the others who despite facing similar challenges and adversity seem more able to find their inner wealth (positive attributes and strengths and "riches") and to use these to their advantage. These people still have to work hard but they focus much more on solutions and much less on the problems. 

So why am I telling you this?

Well, I think we all have wealth and poverty within us; we all have strengths and weaknesses; fame and failings. 

The question is what do we choose to listen to and what parst of us do we choose to use to live our lives. 

I think you can probably guess what I would recommend!

What do you think? Are you aware of your inner wealth and are you using it to your advantage? Let me know what's worked for you HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook page : )