6 variables that predict happiness

6 variables that predict happiness

by Joe Wilner from Psych Central 

Do you think and feel positively about your life?

I know many people who would say they are happy and highly satisfied with their life. I also know many people who are dissatisfied and discontent with their life situation.

What is the difference between those who have positive well-being and those who are suffering?

There are many personal and social factors that play a role in our level of happiness, though they may not be what you would expect. For instance, it’s not money or intelligence that makes the difference in these individuals’ lives.

Fortunately psychological research has explored this concept and provided us with valuable insight into how we can be happier and more satisfied.

Various reviews of literature reveal that there are 6 primary variables that relate to subjective well-being.

Positive self-esteem

Feeling positively about ourselves is a major factor in whether we are satisfied with our life or not. A high self-esteem aids us in navigating relationships, confidently seeking growth and achievement, as well as experiencing positive emotions and dealing with adversity.

Sense of perceived control

Think of a time you felt out of control. What was this like? I imagine things felt chaotic and overwhelming. This is why a sense of control is a crucial predictor of subjective well-being. Believing we are in control of our life circumstances and having a sense of security is empowering. It prompts our  motivation to achieve our goals and gives us the courage to build hope and faith in our future…

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