Do something, anything, that’s good for you!

Do something, anything, that’s good for you!

I've noticed at various times that unhealthy people tend to engage in multiple unhealthy behaviours. 

So those who're overweight might also smoke; or those who drink too much also gamble. 

Negative and unhealthy behaviours (or bad habits), it would seem, congregate together!

At the same time, however, I've also noticed that healthy people also tend to engage in multiple healthy behaviours. 

So those who go to the gym also tend to eat more healthily; and those who're happy tend to look after themselves better.

This could easily be one of the reasons happiness and healthiness are closely correlated and tend to co-occur. 

But the reason I'm thinking about and writing about this is that I believe we can use this to our advantage…if we're trying to develop a healthy behaviour then starting with almost any positive behaviour might be enough to get the ball rolling. That one healthy and happiness inducing act might inspire us to do more of the other desired behaviour which might then lead to a positively self-reinforced pattern which will ultimately benefit us in many ways. 

What, therefore, is the "take home" message today? 

Well, it's pretty simple really. If you're trying to achieve something really big and struggling to succeed as quickly as you'd like (or struggling to make any progress at all) then just start with something positive, anything, because the happiness and pride and satisfaction you'll get from that (albeit) small achievement will motivate and energise you to go on to do bigger and better things! So go to it…

…get positive now and enjoy the bigger rewards that will come with time. 

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