What’s the relationship between happiness and fear?

What’s the relationship between happiness and fear?

Are fear and happiness related? How could that be, I hear you ask? 

Well, I've been talking to quite a few people lately about the relationship between fear and happiness. And in short, here's how they tie together…

  • Firstly, fear is a normal human emotion that protects us from engaging in dangerous or inappropriate activities. Accordingly, fear often protects us from distress which buffers against stress and depression

  • Secondly, overcoming fear can be exhilerating! Overcoming fear can boost positive emotions and confidence and self-efficacy and lead us to experience all manner of forms of happiness…such as joy and satisfaction and pride and contentment (to name just a few)

And this is why I don't like referring to emotions such as "fear" as "negative" emotions…because although they can be unpleasant when extreme they can also, more often than not, prove to be extremely useful. 

We can grow from fear. 

We can learn from fear. 

We can become wiser from fear. 

We can enjoy happiness from fear. 

This also applies to many other "negative emotions" so next time you feel anxious or afraid, angry or frustrated, ask yourself whether or not there might be an opportunity for happiness lurking in the background somewhere!?!?