Happiness is…a funny You Tube clip!

Happiness is…a funny You Tube clip!

Laughter is the best medicine…and I'm not joking! 

I was recently asked to make comment for a magazine article and invited to provide a one minute mood booster. This is what they published in Marie Claire…

That age-old adage is true – laughter really is the best medicine. Try searching music video parodies or past episodes of The Chaser and watch them with headphones firmly plugged in. "Creating and fostering appropriate positive emotions leads to increased energy and motivation," says Dr Timothy Sharp of The Happiness Institute, and author of 100 Ways To Happiness: A Guide For Busy People (Penguin, $24.95). A good belly laugh is actually aerobic, too, meaning that the deep-breathing aspect helps increase oxygen production and encourages a cleansing effect in the body. In fact, researchers at Stanford University* found one minute of laughter to be as aerobically effective as 10 minutes on a rowing machine.

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